The Adventures of Mooty : The Adventures of Mooty

ISBN 9789814828130

Book E-Book

Jessie Wee


The Adventures of Mooty was first published as a 10-part series of children’s stories in 1980, depicting the adventures of a loveable little mouse who endears himself to a community of animals, birds and insects and becomes their hero. Four decades on, Mooty continues to charm children and adults alike, and this new edition in comic book format combines all 10 stories in one book, allowing those who have grown up loving Mooty to reconnect with him and share him with their loved ones. Those who are new to Mooty will also get to experience the extraordinary magic of the little mouse who has enthralled so many generations of readers before them. In this edition, Jessie shares her thoughts and inspirations behind each endearing story — some revealed for the very first time since the stories were first published — giving readers greater insight into her writing, and making Mooty even more real.

Jessie Wee
Jessie Wee is one of the most prominent writers for children in Singapore. She was a teacher for 12 years before a chance encounter with a little button-eyed mouse in her kitchen started her writing stories out of a conviction that “children in Singapore need stories they can identify with, stories they can call their own”. In the course of her writing career, Jessie has written more than 30 books for children, three of which have won awards from the National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS). Jessie’s stories are often imbued with warmth and humour, and reflect a sensitive understanding of the child. In 2013, Jessie was bestowed the Lifetime Achievement Award in Children’s Literature by the NBDCS, recognising her outstanding and significant contribution as a writer of children’s literature.