The Cat & the Banker : The Cat & the Banker

ISBN 9789814794442

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Nadir Mehadji

Why should learning about finance and investing be dull and confusing? The Cat & the Banker is a fun and unconventional illustrated book about investing for people who don’t know where to start. Truth be told, this really is most people. This accessible, creative guide is ideal for anyone put off by stuffy investment manuals. The Cat & the Banker addresses these problems: * Books about personal finance tend to be dry and boring. The Cat & the Banker distills powerful ideas through a candid and fun conversation between a cat and his banker. The underlying story puts the notions in context and helps readers relate to the concepts. * Few people find time to read conventional books about personal finance. The Cat & the Banker goes straight to essentials without getting bogged down in unnecessary intricacies. * Personal finance books often give inadequate recipes. The Cat & the Banker provides a framework for how things actually work and empowers readers to make their own decisions. * Investing looks confusing. It is hard to know how to allocate your own money. The Cat and the Banker takes readers step by step on a journey through how different types of investments work, what they do, and how they relate to the real world; all in a simple, playful and engaging way.

Nadir Mehadji
Nadir holds a MSc. in Management with a specialization in finance from HEC Paris and worked in investment banking in London and Singapore for over 10 years. He is also a photographer and does design work. He decided to write the book when he realized the gap of understanding between the industry he comes from – investment banking – and friends who worked in creative industries. They did not have solid financial literacy. Yet everyone needs to make investment decisions. Nadir wanted to make the complex and unnecessarily confusing subject of investing simple and accessible.