The Community Cat Chronicles

ISBN 9789814893299

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Lachlan Madsen


The Community Cat Chronicles is a collection of linked stories about the cats, not quite house pets and certainly not strays, who live around the apartment blocks of Avenue 1. They mark and defend their territory, but share it with the human residents who devote time and resources to keeping them fed and healthy. A tender, heart-warming portrait of a neighbourhood shared by cats and humans, The Community Cat Chronicles is filled with rich storytelling and vividly drawn characters, and is sure to be beloved by animal lovers everywhere.

Lachlan Madsen
Lachlan Madsen is a creative writer/producer who has lived in Singapore for almost 20 years, working in television. He has considerable experience in the children’s genre, including writing and producing for Disney and Nickelodeon. The Community Cat Chronicles is one of his many passion projects inspired from residing in the Singapore heartlands, while attending to the beloved community cats.

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