The Evil Executive : The Evil Executive

ISBN 9789814721158

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Simon Maier

Colleagues at work are from time to time, rude and obnoxious. They are rude in terms of manners, in terms of interruption; they don’t listen, they humiliating those who can’t really respond or defend themselves, of promising what cannot be delivered or promising that which the rude or simply unpleasant executive has no intention of delivering. Most working adults have at one point or other suffered bullying, harassment and career damage. This book gives examples of the unpleasantness, the possible causes and the various levels of severity in which rudeness can be dealt. More importantly, it gives advice on how to manage those who are nasty and bad mannered, those who try hard to put others down and those who bully or who cross a certain social or business line. This book deals with a variety of situations — some subtle, some less so. It offers recognizable scenarios in which readers can relate to occasions and interactions where the result can be damaging; this book is about damage limitation. It will show the situations and the scenes in which people often find themselves. And each scenario will have a basic and positive solution. It's a guide rather than an in-depth guide and will contain appropriate humour (or, rather, a lighter touch) where applicable.

Simon Maier
Simon Maier is a communications expert and has worked with corporations around the world. He uses storytelling as a consultancy tool to help senior executives and staff to change their mindsets. He is fascinated by what goes on behind the world's big news stories and, in this book, explores what might have been the scenarios behind what we are told. If all the world’s a stage then what goes on backstage is as important as what we see.

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