The Last Server

ISBN 9789814868150

Book E-Book

H.J. Pang


After a geomagnetic storm, Singapore is plunged into apocalyptic ruin. With Fusionopolis the high-tech base of the secret society conglomerate that has taken over control of the island and a server system located under the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore in the aftermath is unrecognisable. Greg Lin travels along the ruined SMRT lines to find his son who has been taken by the triad that has been kidnapping children for experimentation. Along the way, he learns about a computer cult who seeks to find the last of the world’s data that can help rebuild society. Together with the remnants of the now-defunct SAF forces, Greg storms the Marina Bay Shoppes where The Last Server is, in an explosive climax where he eventually discovers that the crucial data everyone seeks may not be of this world.

H.J. Pang
H.J. Pang has been writing since 2007. After proving his worth for two years in the Singapore army, H.J. got a degree in mechanical design and spent some time as a design engineer. He is currently working on his Master's thesis involving thermal damage in carbon fibre. While not doing experiments and writing research papers, H.J. is traipsing around the country, writing whenever he can while travelling in one of two forms of public transportation. y he

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