The Unfinished Revolution : The Unfinished Revolution

ISBN 9789814779074

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Kayloe Tjio


The Unfinished Revolution is a superb new biography of Sun Yat-sen, a national icon whose life epitomised his country’s struggle for modernity. Like the confusion of his time, Sun’s life is not easy to interpret. His political career was marked mostly by setbacks, yet he became a cult in China after his early death, and remains revered today. In contrast, Western historians see little in his ideas or deeds to warrant such high esteem. This book presents a balanced and complete account of Sun, one that places him within the broader context of the tumultuous historical events and intellectual climate of his time. It reveals his strengths and weaknesses, his many disappointments, and above all, his bold vision for a modern and unified China, free from the yoke of imperialism. A unique feature of the book is the coverage given to Sun’s relations with the overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia (including a strong base in Singapore) and their contributions to his cause. Sun Yat-sen stands alone as the only modern Chinese leader to be revered on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. This fascinating study appraises the man and his ideas, and reveals the myriad factors that spurred him to spearhead the revolution that, at his death in 1925, remained agonisingly unfinished.

Kayloe Tjio
Tjio Kayloe researches the history of modern China. He holds degrees from the University of London and Columbia University, New York. Based in Singapore, he has lived and worked in New York and Hong Kong.