To Forge A Frogman

ISBN 9789814721752

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Maximilian West


The author who is half American served his National Service (NS) in Singapore's Naval Diving Unit (NDU) as a naval diver and a naval officer. To Forge a Frogman is drawn from the handwritten journal kept throughout his 9-week Basic Military Training and 17-week Combat Diver Course. It tracks the training and captured the essence of life as an NDU trainee. Illustrated with full colour photos, the book offers an accurate, unrestrained depiction of life as a diver. It is a true representation of life in NDU. It shows what is required to earn the diver’s badge, including a play-by-play account of Hell Week, the crux of every diver's training. In addition to training, he recounts their mischief and the brotherhood they crafted. NS is a shared crucible borne by every Singaporean son. From commando to clerk, diver to driver, all Singaporean men will find echoes of their experience in his work. The volume will also appeal to military regulars, who will find flashes of their own profession, as well as to anyone curious about the elusive, elite Naval Diving Unit. Furthermore, as the author is half-American, the book will also draw interest from the expatriate community. It is a true, coming-of-age tale set in a uniquely Singaporean setting.

Maximilian West
Max West attended the Singapore American School and served his National Service in the Naval Diving Unit of the Singapore Armed Forces. He is currently an undergraduate at Princeton.