Win-Win : Win-Win

ISBN 9789814868532

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David Goldwich

We all negotiate every day, whether we realize it or not. Yet few people ever learn how to negotiate. Those who do usually learn the traditional, win-lose negotiating style rather than an approach that is likely to result in a win-win agreement. This old-school, adversarial approach may be useful in a one-off negotiation where you will probably not deal with that party again. However, such transactions are becoming increasingly rare, because most of us deal with the same people repeatedly –our spouses and children, our friends and colleagues, our customers and clients. It’s essential to achieve successful results for ourselves and maintain a healthy relationship with our negotiating partners at the same time. In today’s interdependent world of business partnerships and long-term relationships, a win-win outcome is fast becoming the only acceptable result. This book will show you how to get that win-win.

David Goldwich
David Goldwich practiced law in the United States for more than a decade. Recognizing that lawyers perpetuate rather than solve problems, he has since reformed and hasn’t sued anyone in years. David has taught negotiation and other business topics at the tertiary level in the US and in Singapore. David speaks internationally and conducts workshops and seminars in negotiation, storytelling for leaders and sales professionals, business presentations, assertiveness, and leadership. An engaging and provocative speaker, David uses humor and stories gathered from his own experience as a lawyer, businessman, and father to help people reach breakthrough changes in their personal and professional lives. He is the author of five books and hundreds of articles. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, David has been living in Singapore and working throughout Asia since 1999. He enjoys art, music, stock investing, the beach, red wine, chocolate, and anything Italian.