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Sep 22, 2020, 23:26 PM
Bringing Up Money Smart Kids
Title : 9789814328500
ISBN : 9789814328500
Publisher :
Product Binding : PB
Imprint :
Is Print : Yes
Is Apps : No
Is Ebook : Yes
Is Audio : No
Pub Date : Jan 2, 2015, 08:00 AM
CMS Pub Date :
Page : 200
Product Width : 140
Product Height : 210
Product Price : 22.40 $
Feature Priority : 0
Our children today have more money than in all of history. They face more pressure to spend and to keep up with their friends. The challenge for parents is to teach restraint and responsibility when our society may not put much stock on such values. This book teaches parents what to tell their children about money and how to tell them. The authors share their challenges and successes in plain common sense language. Good money habits are put forth in an easy to follow manner. The chapters are full of practical advice and humour, and you learn to answer difficult questions posed by your children.
Keon Chee has many years’ experience in investment research, derivatives, insurance and financial training. He is co-author of two bestselling books on finance – Make Your Money Work For You and Islamic Finance: Why It Makes Sense For You. Adam Khoo is an award winning entrepreneur, bestselling author of I am Gifted, So Are You! and peak performance trainer. A self-made millionaire at the age of 26, Adam owns and manages several businesses, including Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd.
Categories :
  • Parenting
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  • Keon Chee
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