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Sep 22, 2020, 23:26 PM
Tea in Pajamas (Book 1)
Title : 9789814828857
ISBN : 9789814828857
Publisher :
Product Binding : PB
Imprint :
Is Print : Yes
Is Apps : No
Is Ebook : Yes
Is Audio : No
Pub Date : Jan 9, 2018, 08:00 AM
CMS Pub Date :
Page : 152
Product Width : 135
Product Height : 215
Product Price : 14.95 $
Feature Priority : 0
What if an ordinary action unlocked the gateway into an extraordinary world? For Belle Marie, having tea on Wednesday afternoons—barefoot and in her pajamas—mysteriously transports her from her home to the charming storybook land of Belzerac. Soon she is joined by her best friend, Tess, and the girls enjoy weekly adventures in this wonderful new place of talking animals and a glittering blue forest. But one particular Wednesday, Tess suddenly vanishes and things go awry. Is Tess in danger and is it too late to save her? Belle is confronted with these frightening possibilities, coupled with the fact that she herself may be lost and beyond the point of no return.
Rachel Tey is an editorial consultant. She enjoys writing, playing the piano, and reading books on medieval European history. She resides with her husband and two children in Singapore. Tea in Pajamas is her first series.
Categories :
  • Fiction
Tags :
  • Young Adult Fiction
authors :
  • Rachel Tey
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