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Jan 29, 2021, 16:06 PM
The Power of Leadership Metaphors: 200 prompt to stimulate your imagination and creativity
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A story or picture is worth a thousand words. A story, picture or metaphor can help us crystallise what we need to do next. A phrase such as ‘the seed has to die’ or ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ or ‘the risk of not seeing the wood for the trees’ can sum up in a poignant way truths that we as leaders need to recognise.

As we explore a metaphor, the next steps can become clearer. A metaphor can stimulate our imagination and allow us to think afresh about an issue. Reflecting on a problem using a metaphor can help us unblock our thinking and open up the possibility of new solutions. It can enable us to ‘cut to the heart of an issue’, clarify situations, provide insights or show us where we are stuck. They enable us to face the reality that we need to abandon a project, make a fresh start or change direction.

Metaphors can be used in coaching conversations and lead to creative and stimulating dialogue. The metaphors featured are drawn from myriad sources. Often in the midst of a coaching conversation, a phrase comes to mind that encapsulates an idea or way forward. The memorable metaphor allows an idea to stick in the memory and be a constant reminder that there is a way forward which may be different to what we had previously anticipated.

The content in this book is organised into 8 thematic sections for ease of use.

Dr Peter Shaw is a founding partner of Praesta Partners and works with individuals, teams and groups to help them grow their strengths and tackle demanding issues confidently. He has held a wide range of board posts covering finance, personnel, policy, communications and delivery, and worked in five UK Government departments. He is the author of 30 influential books on leadership and has been translated into 7 languages. He is a Visiting Professor at Newcastle University Business School, the University of Chester Business Faculty, and St John’s College, University of Durham.

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