100 Great Leading through Frustration Ideas

ISBN 9789814841474

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Peter Shaw

When can frustration be a stimulus to action?

How best can we address our frustrations and not be overwhelmed by them?

When is there a risk that we wallow in our own frustrations?

How might we enable teams to become more resilient having addressed their frustrations?

Frustration is one of the most frequently felt emotions in the workplace today. It comes in many forms and from many sources—bosses, colleagues, staff, clients, and from within yourself. If left to fester, frustration can quickly impair your ability to work and to lead, and potentially hijack the performance of your entire team and organisation.

100 Great Leading Through Frustration Ideas provides a practical framework for leading yourself and others through frustration. Starting from a simple five-step plan—Understand, Plan, Act, Observe and Reframe—this wise and wide-ranging guide shows you how to address your frustrations in a fresh and constructive way, and use them as a springboard to new breakthroughs.

Peter Shaw
Peter Shaw works with individuals, teams and groups to help them grow their strengths and tackle demanding issues confidently. He has held a wide range of Board posts covering finance, personnel, policy, communications and delivery and had previously worked in five UK Government departments (Treasury, Education, Employment, Environment and Transport). He is the author of a sequence of influential leadership books and a Visiting Professor at Newcastle University Business School. He is also author of 100 Great Personal Impact Ideas and 100 Great Coaching Ideas in the same series.

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