The Wholesome Plant-Based Way: 50+ recipes from the VIBE Café Kitchen

ISBN 9789814893350

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From the kitchen of VIBE café comes a collection of plant-based recipes that will guide you to a healthier way of eating. From smoothie bowls, energising breakfasts, and easy lunches, to desserts, elixirs, juices and milks, these dishes and drinks will make you feel vibrant, nourished and alive. Embodying the café’s ‘from scratch’ ethos, versatile dressings, condiments, and fermented pickles are also included. Adapted into a format that is easy for home cooks to recreate, the recipes are written in easy-to-follow instructions and accompanied by tips from the café’s chefs.

This book is for those who are just embarking on a health journey through food and those who already regularly make plant-based meals. It is not just for vegans, but also those who want to eat flavourful, delicious and creative food.