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Confronting Covid-19: A Strategic Playbook for Leaders and Decision Makers

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Devadas Krishnadas


COVID-19 is the most challenging crisis the world has faced for almost a century. As a truly global pandemic, there is not a single country on earth – or even a single person – immune to the economic, political and social impact of the devastating virus.

This book analyses the coronavirus crisis in unparalleled depth.

The author begins in section one by framing the COVID-19 pandemic by categorically identifying variables and factors central to understanding how COVID-19 has panned out. This is followed in section two with an examination of the pandemic in the realms of politics, public health and economics.

Section three comprises in-depth country case studies, complete with scenario mapping and a formulation of recommendations, before section four looks beyond the immediate imperatives of the ongoing pandemic and pictures our shared future in a 'post-Covid' world.

Confronting COVID-19’s combination of rigorous, evidence-based analyses, projections and actionable recommendations makes this a must-read book for all leaders and decision makers in public, private and community sectors. Most of all, the ideas presented within these pages command the urgent attention of those within the international policy-making community.

Devadas Krishnadas
Devadas Krishnadas is the founder and CEO of Future-Moves Group, a boutique consultancy focused on public policy and corporate strategy. Prior to founding Future-Moves Group, Devadas played a leading role in developing Singapore’s fiscal and social policy where he led efforts in long term planning and strategic thinking. He served two and half years in the Singapore Infantry and ten years as a Senior Police Officer, including as Commanding Officer and a Head of Operations. He served for three years as Honorary Aide-de-Camp to the President of Singapore, the late President S. R. Nathan. He also served five years in public policy in multiple Ministries, including the Ministry of Finance.

Devadas is the author of Sensing Singapore: Reflections in a Time of Change (2014), FUSE: Foresight-Driven Understanding, Strategy and Execution (2015), and The Seduction of the Simple (2016). His work is often cited and published in international publications on foresight and strategy.


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