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A Walking Tour: Singapore (Sixth Edition)

ISBN 9789814928717

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Gregory Byrne Bracken



With its cutting-edge skyscrapers standing cheek to cheek with traditional Chinese shophouses, picturesque mosques, and neoclassical edifices of its colonial past, Singapore is a traveler’s dream, a richly stimulating blend of East and West, old and new. What’s more, Singapore’s compact layout makes it simply ideal for exploring on foot.

Let author Gregory Bracken show you the best walking routes through the city via his vivid drawings of Singapore’s myriad sights – from its iconic landmarks to hidden gems – accompanied by insightful commentary and practical information for the visitor.

This revised and updated sixth edition of A Walking Tour Singapore features new illustrations and updated itineraries designed to lead you to the very heart of this complex and ever-changing city.

"User-friendly, information-rich, with exquisite hand-drawn illustrations ...
All that one requires to explore the streets of Singapore.”
—Sharon Siddique, co-founder of the Singapore Heritage Society

Gregory Byrne Bracken
Dr Gregory Byrne Bracken loves to walk, which he does all across the world. Apart from travelling, he has also lived and worked in some pretty far-flung places, including London, Paris, Berlin, Bangkok and Singapore. Now based in the Netherlands, where he is an assistant professor of architecture at the Technical University of Delft, Gregory is also a well-respected expert on the cities of East and Southeast Asia.


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