Walking Tour Bangkok (3e) : Walking Tour Bangkok (3e)

ISBN 9789814721783

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Gregory Byrne Bracken


Many of us visit Bangkok but this is Bangkok like you have never seen it before. The author takes you on an architectural adventure through the bustling streets and busy canals of this regal city. Learn about the different building styles: from Khmer, Sukhothai and Ayutthaya to Edwardian villas and marvel at the modern designs of today. The well-researched text and beautiful sketches will heighten your appreciation of Bangkok’s exotic palaces, temples, monuments, pavilions, markets, public buildings and many other quaint corners. In this third edition of the book, walks have been modified to incorporate Bangkok’s continuous urban development and new walks added. Many illustrations have also been redrawn to provide a better appreciation of the building facades.

Gregory Byrne Bracken
Dr Gregory Byrne Bracken loves to walk, which he does all across the world. Apart from travelling, he has also lived and worked in some pretty far-flung places, including London, Paris, Berlin, Bangkok and Singapore. Now based in the Netherlands, where he is an assistant professor of architecture at the Technical University of Delft, Gregory is also a well-respected expert on the cities of East and Southeast Asia.

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