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Dim Sum Basics: Irresistible Bite-sized Snacks Made Easy (New Edition)

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Ng Lip Kah

Prepare your favourite dim sum dishes with ease with step-by-step instructions from dim sum master, Chef Ng Lip Kah.



Learn to prepare a wide variety of dim sum dishes at your own pace with the guidance of dim sum master, Chef Ng Lip Kah. In Dim Sum Basics: Irresistible bite-sized snacks made easy, Chef Ng demonstrates how to make all-time favourites as well as new creative treats such as:

  • siew mai
  • paper-wrapped chicken
  • glutinous rice in lotus leaf
  • egg tarts
  • salted egg yolk custard buns
  • snow skin dumplings

With easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photographs, these recipes will help perfect your skills in making dim sum, be it moulding dumplings or preparing crisp and flaky pastries.

Ng Lip Kah
Ng Lip Kah has more than 30 years of experience working at established restaurants, which include TungLok Restaurant, Red Star Restaurant (Chin Swee) and Habour City Restaurant (PSA Building), all of which are known for their dim sum specialties. In 2008, Chef Ng was conferred Individual Second Runner-up and the Group Champion Award by the World Association of Chinese Cuisine (WACC), an international non-government and non-profit organisation that promotes Chinese cuisine worldwide. The WACC is endorsed by members from various Asian, European, and American regions. Chef Ng is very passionate and sincere about his craft. He currently conducts culinary classes, where he shares his sought-after skills in making dim sum and other Chinese dishes.


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