Chinese Pastry School

ISBN 9789815084627

Book E-Book

Yeo Min

A comprehensive resource that introduces readers to key techniques of Chinese pastry- and dessert-making through recipes, history, and the science behind the craft. 


What kinds of desserts did the ancient Chinese enjoy? Why does the Chinese word for sugar (tang 糖) have the character rice (mi 米) in it? Is there a scientific basis to traditional Chinese pastry techniques?

Find the answers to these questions and more inn Chinese Pastry School with pastry chef Yeo Min. Pastries and desserts have long been an understated part of Chinese cuisine. Beyond mooncakes and pineapple tarts, the Chinese pastry repertoire involves a full range of techniques from sugar work to puff pastry; even jelly-making and medicinal soups. Given its long and rich history, however, the craft is also riddled with tightly held secrets and age-old superstitions that can make it difficult for newcomers to fully grasp its nuances. Pastry chef Yeo Min demystifies the techniques and provides a comprehensive collection of recipes to guide you through the art of Chinese pastry- and dessert-making, just as a pastry school would. Emerge as a master of the craft with Chinese Pastry School!

  • Offers a comprehensive look at Chinese pastries to help home bakers understand and recreate them successfully.
  • Makes Chinese pastries more accessible to the younger generation craving to know more about their food heritage
  • Includes insight into the principles that guide Chinese cuisine, including Chinese symbols and motifs, to guide readers to fully understand the craft and avoid misappropriating the culture
  • Contains a glossary of ingredients to help in identifying ingredients used

Yeo Min

Yeo Min is a pastry chef and fourth-generation Singaporean Chinese. Her great-grandparents travelled to Singapore from Southern China in the 1930s and her grandparents were born in Singapore before the Second World War. Like much of the Chinese diaspora, she finds herself equal parts Chinese and not-so-Chinese — she eats as much bread as she does rice; scored a C for her O-Level Chinese but manages to write Chinese pop songs; and attended a French-style pastry school but decided thereafter to specialise in Chinese pastries. 

Her journey in the kitchen started as a necessity when she was an undergraduate student living in London. Her activity of choice when procrastinating school projects was baking in communal kitchens. This inspired her to make a career switch to the food industry after working for two years as a social worker. 

When not doing food research, Yeo Min freelances as a pastry instructor and plays the cello in a community orchestra. While writing this book, her research assistant and sous chef was her puppy, Lemon, who would sleep on the job and get upset when not allowed to eat cake.