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Totally Luscious Cupcakes: Inspirational recipes for every occasion and taste

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Benjamin Wong

An inspirational collection of indulgent treats for every preference and occasion.



Totally Luscious Cupcakes is a trove of novel recipes for sweet treats with a twist of individuality. Jazz up any occasion and cater to any preference with this wide-ranging collection of sensational creations. Indulge in sultry alcoholic concoctions such as Mojito Calling and James Bond Cupcakes, and the decadent Chocolate Addiction. Asian-inspired creations like Teh Si Cupcakes and Kaya Surprise are infused with fragrant spices and popular Asian ingredients. The health-conscious can indulge in lighter alternatives that include flour-less and egg-less cupcakes, such as Kiwi Vegan and Gluten-free Cupcakes.

To sweeten the deal, a handful of ideas for serving cake pops with style are included. With a variety of enticing frosting recipes, from the well-loved chocolate ganaches and cheese frostings to intriguing fusions such as Orange Vodka Glaze and Coconut Rum Frosting, it’s time to serve up chic, luscious treats with creative style!

Benjamin Wong

Benjamin Wong is banker who has been developing cupcake recipes for years. He shares these sweet treats with family and friends, exciting and delighting them with his adventurous and delectable creations. With encouragement from his loved ones, Benjamin set up an online cake shop, www.totallylusciouscakes.blogspot.com, in 2008, which showcases his creativity and skill in whipping up baked goods for all occasions.


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