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SiT & Eat: A Healthier Asian Cookbook

ISBN 9789815169652

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Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

An inviting collection of recipes that includes innovative, nutrient-packed breakfasts to wholesome satisfying dinners.

  • Each recipe comes with a nutrition information table to enable home cooks to make informed food choices
  • Clear and concise instructions and step-by-step photographs make these dishes easy to recreate at home
  • Includes practical tips and options for ingredient substitutions



SiT & Eat: A Healthier Asian Cookbook is a vibrant collection of recipes that challenges stereotypes around healthy eating. Imagine laksa, char kway teow and orh nee not just as occasional indulgences but as wholesome everyday meal options. Authored by a dynamic group of student dietitians from the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), this cookbook will help reshape perceptions of nutritious eating.

 Inspired by kitchen lab experiments and insights gained from previous cohorts of student dietitians, these recipes offer creative methods to transform favourite Asian dishes into healthier alternatives. Savour the richness of Asian flavours while embracing a renewed commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

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