Around the Dining Table : Around the Dining Table

ISBN 9789814868945

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Lace Zhang


Get ready to amp up your creativity in the kitchen but skimp on the fuss. Stuffed with approachable yet fun recipes, Around the Dining Table: A Modern Asian-Inspired Feast is what the modern home cook wants and needs. Think: • Asian slaw with peanut crumble and a tamarind-lime dressing • Smoky chicken soup with blistered grapes and jackfruit seeds • Beef rice noodles with black garlic and black bean gravy • Coconut sugar and milk chocolate cookies …and other fresh ideas that make use of ingredients in a typical Asian pantry today. Be inspired to experiment in the name of convenience, deliciousness and having fun!

Lace Zhang
Lace Zhang is the author of the award-winning Three Dishes One Soup – Inside the Singapore Kitchen. She was first led into the kitchen by a passion for baking, which she discovered during her days at Singapore Management University. This opened the floodgates to what would become a lifelong obsession with eating, cooking, and writing and learning about food. When Lace is not in the kitchen working on recipes, cranking up her overused commercial oven at home (yes, you read that right), she can be found reading about food, writing love letters to food, shopping for groceries or gazing lovingly at the displays in bakeries. Her work has been featured in Wine & Dine, Female, Women's Weekly and The Sunday Times. For more recipes, ideas and food-related news, follow her at

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