Bake And Celebrate: Cookies

ISBN 9789814771689

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In the first of a series of irresistible baked treats, Bake and Celebrate: Cookies is a collection of 40 cookie recipes put together by selected top food and lifestyle bloggers from Singapore and the region. From classic Chinese New Year favourites such as kueh bangkit, almond cookies and butter cookies, and variations of the quintessential favourite- pineapple tarts as well as innovative flavours such as matcha, salted egg yolk and black sesame, these recipes have been rigorously tried and tested and would not be out of place for celebratory occasions. Complete with personal anecdotes accompanying each recipe and beautiful photos taken by the bloggers themselves, this cookbook will inspire you to serve these delectable bakes with confidence to the people you love. Whether it’s for a special party, a holiday or just a treat for yourself, the cookies in this book are sure to impress both in taste and style, and are a must-have for anyone who loves to bake.