Brand Singapore: Nation Branding in a World Disrupted by Covid-19

ISBN 9789814928380

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Koh Buck Song


How can Brand Singapore renew itself once again, amidst a global pandemic?

Reputation is precious, more than ever, in the face of deep global displacements exacerbated by Covid-19. Top talent and hot money typically gravitate only to the most attractive, respected nations. For a nation as small and as young as Singapore, its brand is its most valuable asset, as seen in its stunning ascent from Third World to First World in just 30 years since 1965, spearheaded by targeted country branding that builds on unique, longstanding brand attributes.

This fully revised and updated edition of Brand Singapore analyses the challenges and opportunities of its latest repositioning for a post-Covid-19 world. The book also examines major events of the last four years since the Second Edition, including the “Passion Made Possible” country brand concept, the 2020 General Election, the reserved Presidency and the Singapore Bicentennial’s revised perspectives on 700 years of ancient history.

“A must-read for all policy-makers and business leaders.
The secret of Singapore’s success is precisely uncovered by Koh Buck Song.”
– Yasu Ota, Nikkei Asian Review, Japan

Koh Buck Song
Koh Buck Song has worked on the nation branding of Singapore in various capacities, from global investment promotion and public policy to enhancing the quality of life and projecting “soft power”. Brand Singapore is his 29th book as author/editor.

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