Breaking The Silence : Breaking The Silence

ISBN 9789814677219

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On 7 December 2014, a group of 25 prominent Malays (G25) issued an open call for moderate Malays and Muslims to speak out against the hate speeches targeted at non-Muslims by supremacist groups. They stressed that the extremist and intolerant voices do not speak for the general Muslim community, and they called for a review of Shariah law and civil law to be in line with the supremacy of the Federal Constitution. Will it be possible to arrest these destructive forces that are taking control of the future wellbeing of Malaysia? The G25 hopes it would, and that this book will bring greater awareness of the dangers that are tearing apart Malaysian's social fabric. In this important volume, 22 leading academics, lawyers and social activists discuss the impact of Islamic bureaucracy in Malaysia and its consistency with the provisions of the Federal Constitution. They also address the socio-political dimensions and cultural-economic implications on Malaysian society. “While the principles of equality and justice are fundamental to the Qur’an, a deeper and broader understanding of both is critical at this point in time. But more than understanding the two principles, it is ensuring that they are put into practice that is the real challenge.” – Dr Chandra Muzaffar, President of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST)