Celebration Desserts with Chef Zan : Celebration Desserts with Chef Zan

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Chef Zan


Special moments are often celebrated with delectable desserts. From birthday cakes to Valentine’s Day cookies, people often use desserts to express joy and love. Inspired by her passion for baking and joy in bringing people closer together through sweet treats, Chef Zan presents Celebration Desserts with Chef Zan: Delightful Cakes, Cookies & Sweet Treats for Special Occasions. This collection of festive recipes will excite the taste buds. You’ll find classics such as makmur cookies and Christmas fruitcake, as well as creations with a twist—like semprit cheese cookies and a durian-serawa-inspired cake. While including desserts with Asian flavours, Chef Zan also offers her take on other popular treats. Make special occasions even more memorable with treats that taste and look amazing.

Chef Zan
Chef Zan (aka Norizan Ismail) saw the world during her 15-year tenure as a flight stewardess with a leading international airline. One of her favourite destinations was Paris. She adored strolling down the streets, gazing at the exquisite desserts prominently displayed in the windows of quaint sidewalk cafés and patisseries. It was there that she realised her true passion: cakes and pastry. Shortly after leaving the airline, Chef Zan embarked on a learning journey, enrolling in baking and cake decorating courses in local schools before Heading to the US to attend a series of courses with acclaimed baker and chocolatier, Richard Festen of Baking Arts in San Mateo, California. Her relentless pursuit of learning also brought her to the Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School in Melbourne, Australia and Le Cordon Bleu in London, UK. In 2012, Chef Zan finally realised her lifelong dream of opening Zan’s Treats, a baking and cake-decorating academy in Singapore. As a result of her enthusiasm and passion for teaching, Chef Zan developed a strong following among home bakers and is frequently invited to judge cooking shows on television and interviewed in the local media about her baking.