Chefs Collective

ISBN 9789814771924

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Michelle Tchea


Around the world, Asian chefs are making their mark in the culinary arena with their innovative menus and forward-looking dishes. Chefs Collective is an exciting book that sees more than 50 of these rising and renowned chefs with Asian roots come together to share their award-winning recipes through author and food and travel professional, Michelle Tchea. With candid insights into their philosophy of food and cooking, and expert tips to preparing their most requested dishes, Chefs Collective is the definitive introduction and guide to these rising stars of the culinary world.

Michelle Tchea
Michelle Tchea is the author of Building a Perfect Meal, Signature Dishes and My Little Soho Kitchen. The founder and owner of PopIntel Group, an intelligence strategy firm which counts some of the world’s leading luxury hotels and restaurants as its clients, Michelle’s impressive resume includes working with Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe and the United States. Michelle is also an established writer for leading food and travel magazines such as Celebrated Living, American Way and International Traveller as well as a range of lifestyle and health and nutrition publications. She is currently based in Australia.