Creative Baking: Deco Chiffon Cake Basics (Chinese Edition)

ISBN 9789814794602

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Susanne Ng


造型雪纺蛋糕由畅销作家和创意烘焙师黄珊珊(Susanne Ng)创作 并推广。她于2013年开始在烘焙界发亮,直到今天,还一直吸引和激发许多家庭烘焙师使用她的食谱,制作轻柔、蓬松,湿润和美味的雪纺蛋糕,也烘焙出各种款式和花样,别具乐趣和充满趣味的造型雪纺蛋糕。 《创意烘焙:造型雪纺蛋糕创作基础》是搭配Susanne前两本著作: 《创意烘焙:雪纺蛋糕》和《创意烘焙:造型雪纺蛋糕》而撰写,是掌握造型雪纺蛋糕制作的基本技术指南。内容通过明确的步骤图,讲解如何创作完美造型蛋糕的各类形状,例如层面、半球形、点状和扇形、唧面糊和制作多元色彩的片形蛋糕等技术,让任何技术水平的烘焙师能通过这本书创制属于自己设计的雪纺蛋糕!

Susanne Ng
Susanne Ng holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and worked in biomedical research before she chose to stay home to spend time with her three children. Through friends, she picked up an interest in making chiffon cakes. The idea of applying patterns to chiffon cakes came to her one day when she was bored and she created the Sakura Matcha cake, followed by Christmas cake pops. There was no stopping her from then on. Susanne now specialises in making patterned, decorated chiffon cakes and both her titles, Creative Baking: Chiffon Cakes and Creative Baking: Deco Chiffon Cakes are bestsellers. Susanne has been featured in newspapers and magazines, both print and online, all over the world. Learn more about Susanne and her creations on her blog and social media channels.

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