Delicious Gems : Delicious Gems

ISBN 9789814794831

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Kelly Randall Sia


Join expert entertainer Kelly Randall Sia in her kitchen as she showcases more than 80 delectable recipes to enliven any occasion, whether it is an intimate family lunch or a 20-person dinner party. Inspired by her own family heritage and background, as well as the dozens of colourful cultures she has encountered when travelling the world, Kelly’s diverse recipes are rich in international flavour and influence. Lavish food photography and a sprinkling of jewels accompany Kelly’s delicious recipes to complete this culinary treasury.

Kelly Randall Sia
Kelly Randall Sia is a fastidious hostess who is inspired by all things beautiful. Kelly’s culinary skills are the result of many years of passionate home cooking, with tips and tastes picked up from her own family heritage, as well as from years spent travelling the world. With her firm belief that we eat with all of our senses, Kelly ensures that her dishes are not only a pleasure to eat, but also a pleasure to behold.