Dine in My Halal Kitchen : Dine in My Halal Kitchen

ISBN 9789814868440

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Hayedeh Sedghi


A halal kitchen serves up wholesome food that nourishes the soul. Drawing from her cultural roots, seasoned culinary instructor Hayedeh Sedghi celebrates the pleasure of preparing tasty and nutritious dishes in one’s own kitchen. Organised into easy-to-follow instructions and accompanied by tips and photographs, Hayedeh’s recipes demonstrate the ease of preparing these dishes at home. Enjoy the heart-warming goodness of barley soup, the robust flavours of fried aubergine stew, and the rich sweetness of spring chicken kebab with this flavourful collection of recipes.

Hayedeh Sedghi
Born and raised in Shiraz, Iran, Hayedeh Sedghi spent her formative years immersed in a culture that celebrates food. In 1989, Hayedeh moved to Singapore with her husband. She sought to conjure up a taste of home in the kitchen at every opportunity. At that time, however, some important ingredients were difficult to obtain, but she was determined. Over the years, she not only learnt to prepare a great many tasty dishes through trial and error, but also found alternatives for unavailable ingredients.