Easy Comfort Food : Easy Comfort Food

ISBN 9789814868488

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Bill Ho


Food made with simple ingredients can create wonderful memories, bring comfort and nourish at the same time. Yet, for a busy person or family, preparing food at home is no longer a simple everyday pleasure. Easy Comfort Food helps those with too little time on their hands dive back into the pleasure of easy homespun food. Chef Bill Ho uses uncomplicated techniques to prepare delicious snacks, soups and one-pot meals with ingredients easily found in the modern kitchen. Accompanied by Bill’s touching and funny food stories, as well as his beautiful illustrations, these recipes will inspire home cooks to create their own memories and joy with comfort food.

Bill Ho
Bill Ho’s life as a chef began by accident. He studied graphic design at Saito University College in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, but was waiting tables at a Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, working his way up from waiter to manager. One day, when the kitchen was short on staff, he picked up an apron to lend a hand, and discovered that cooking delicious food for customers was something he enjoyed. Since then, he has trained and worked as a chef in bars and restaurants, including the Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge in Singapore. Armed with several years of experience in the food industry, and a passion for creating fusion fare, Bill opened Eight Café and Bar in 2008. He continues to develop dishes for its menu and lends a personal touch to the café’s décor with his sketches and paintings.