Halal Home Cooking

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Ismail Ahmad


Chef Ismail Ahmad grew up in a kampung in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, scampering through paddy fields, fishing in rivers and helping his grandmother in the kitchen. From a young age, he understood the joy of preparing and sharing traditional Malay dishes at home. Malay dishes are a feast for the senses: they are colourful, rich and spicy — a result of using an abundance of ingredients, spices and herbs. This delightful collection of 72 authentic recipes from Malaysia’s kampungs will take you on a culinary journey and reintroduce you to well-loved dishes the Malays have enjoyed at home for generations.

Ismail Ahmad
Ismail Ahmad, more popularly known as Chef Ismail, graduated from the Mara University Technology in Hotel Management and Catering, specialising in Chef Training. He worked in the food and beverage industry for several years before becoming Executive Chef at Restoran Yasmin. Today, Chef Ismail is a familiar face on cookery shows in Malaysia and Singapore, including Aroma, Sri Muni, Yok Buat Kuih Raya! and Ala-ala Kampung. Chef Ismail has travelled all over the world to promote Malaysian cuisine. At the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2005–2006, Chef Ismail was awarded Excellence in Hospitality Personality Chef of the Year and Excellence in Hospitality Personality Malay Cuisine Chef. His restaurant, Restoran Rebung Chef Ismail, clinched the Award for Excellence, Best Asian Cuisine Restaurant that year.