Herbalicious : Herbalicious

ISBN 9789814751261

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Joanna Wong


In this collection of more than 50 original recipes, Herbal Cuisine Specialist Joanna Wong introduces readers to a contemporary approach to cooking with Chinese herbs. In collaboration with a team of garlanded chefs from around the world, Joanna brings together a unique and ambitious collection of delicious recipes that prove that Chinese herbs are far more flexible ingredients than you could ever have thought. Herbalicious contains a diversity of international recipes, from east to west; and for all occasions, including salads and soups, entrees, desserts and drinks. Complemented with a comprehensive illustrated guide to herbs, and immersed with Joanna’s insights to the properties, health benefits and taste profiles of the herbs used in each recipe, Herbalicious charts a new path to contemporary cooking with Chinese herbs for the modern table.

Joanna Wong
Joanna Wong is a Herbal Cuisine Specialist based in Singapore. Joanna has combined her expertise garnered from a career working in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, with her passion for cooking. The result is a fresh and contemporary approach to cooking with Chinese herbs. Her knowledge of herbs makes her consultation much sought-after by chefs throughout the region. Herbalicious is Joanna’s first cookbook. Original recipes were contributed by a renowned team of international chefs, comprised of: Martin Foo, Ku Keung, Forest Leong, Manish Mehrotra, and Wolfgang Ranner.