Mantoulicious : Mantoulicious

ISBN 9789814868266

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Xue Ren


Whether plain or with filling, Chinese steamed buns are typically just round. But with some modelling techniques and creativity, along with a palette of colours, Xue Ren, best known as the creator behind these too-cute-to-be-true buns that have taken home bakers by storm, shows how you can transform the simple steamed bun into the stuff of dreams. With a carefully curated collection of designs to cater to every skill level, complete with fully illustrated step-by-step recipes and a bonus section on fillings, this book will guide you to make these enchantingly adorable steamed buns that taste as good as they look. Create your own centrepiece for your next meal or party with Mantoulicious: Creative & Yummy Chinese Steamed Buns.

Xue Ren
Xue Ren is the founder of Mantoulicious, a Malaysia-based cooking school that specialises in creative steamed buns. She is often interviewed about her creations and she has been featured in major media publications and radio shows in Malaysia. Xue Ren’s skill and expertise in making steamed buns have made her the most highly sought-after cooking instructor in South East Asia. She travels frequently around the region to conduct cooking classes and the sessions are almost always oversubscribed. Before starting Mantoulicious, Xue Ren honed her creative skills as a designer in the advertising industry for over 20 years. As a cooking instructor, she now brings together her flair for design with her love for making healthy, tasty treats to bring joy to others.