Taking Flight : Taking Flight

ISBN 9789814771078

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James Yong


Singapore’s resident bird population, together with the many migratory species that visit seasonally, are one of the most picturesque highlights of the island’s natural landscape. In this photographic journey, marvel at the diversity of birds that can be sighted in Singapore; the dazzling colours and patterns of their feathers; and their delightful behaviour in their natural habitats, whether feeding their young, building nests, frolicking in the water, or soaring the skies. Organised by location, this book introduces readers to the wealth of wildlife to be found at Sungei Buloh, Bishan Park, Bukit Timah Hill and Gardens by the Bay, among others. Author James Yong relates his experiences searching for the most elusive species and provides basic tips for budding birdwatchers. With his keen eye for capturing birdlife in its most awe-inspiring moments, this book is a superb up-close-and-personal journey through an often overlooked side of Singapore.

James Yong
James Yong is an 82-year-old amateur wildlife photographer, whose passion for birds has taken him around Singapore in an effort to capture their natural beauty on camera. Having picked up his first digital camera just five years ago, he has not put it down since. Armed with all his photographic paraphernalia, he continues to explore the island’s nature reserves and parks – a great example of never being too old to learn.