The Enchanting Lion City : The Enchanting Lion City

ISBN 9789814751926

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Gine Neo


This illustrated book reflects the heritage of Singapore’s multi-cultural diversity. It reflects its charm, lively streetscapes and unique character through the interesting mix of traditions and businesses that make up the city. The book is divided into two main sections: heartware and hardware. The first part looks at people (life in the heartlands), our food and what we eat (hawker centres/ dishes) and wet markets (our way of life). The sections in the second half of the book are cultural melting pot (e.g. lion dance, Sri Mariamman Temple, Chijmes), architecture (e.g. shophouses, Fullerton Building) and garden city (e.g. Singapore Botanic Gardens, Chek Jawa). Each illustration captures the essence of what makes it special and includes a short write up that explains the part it played in shaping Singapore and its people.

Gine Neo
The author is an architect in private practice. He has a keen interest in heritage and conservation and spends much of his free time exploring the streets of Singapore, sketching and taking photographs.

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