The Happy Home Baker Cookbook : The Happy Home Baker Cookbook

ISBN 9789814841566

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Self-taught baker Rie creates delightful treats with the philosophy of keeping things uncomplicated. In this collection of recipes, Rie shares how elegant French-style confections and fun Japanese sweets can be made easily in a home kitchen without compromising on taste or flair. With helpful baking tips and step-by-step illustrations to offer added guidance, preparing classics like canelé (rum-flavoured pastry) and dorayaki (fluffy pancake with red bean filling), or fun creations like hojicha (roasted green tea) coffee log cake and kinako (roasted soy powder) dacquoise with black sesame buttercream, becomes effortless and enjoyable.

Rie grew up in Hiroshima, Japan where, at age seven, she had her first experience with baking. Spurred by wanting to understand the science behind it and the desire to improve, Rie taught herself how to bake through endless experimenting in the kitchen and consulting books. She later furthered her skills by attending advanced patisserie and bread courses at culinary institutes such as by École Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil in Paris and NGS Japan. Rie believes that baking at home should be enjoyable and free from complicated techniques. She develops her recipes based on this philosophy and shares pictures of her creations on Instagram (@happyhomebaker).