The Little Indonesian Cookbook

ISBN 9789814561259

Book E-Book

Heinz Von Holzen


In The Little Indonesian Cookbook, Heinz von Holzen puts together an assembly of Indonesia’s best loved dishes. This collection of 45 recipes features some of the country’s perennial favourites including soto ayam (chicken noodle soup), otak otak (minced fish steamed in banana leaf), rending sapi (beef braised in coconut and spices), sayur lodeh (vegetables stew in coconut cream) and tempeh manis kacang (crispy fried soybean cakes with peanut). Clearly explained recipes ensure that any home cook can produce authentic and delicious Indonesian food to share with family and friends.

Heinz Von Holzen
Heinz von Holzen is the owner of the renowned Balinese restaurant Bumbu Bali. He is passionate about Indonesian cuisine and spent many years immersed in its diversity and intricacies. Heinz also conducts cooking classes at his restaurant three times a week. His classes are extremely popular and boosts Bumbu Bali’s reputation as an authentic Balinese restaurant and cooking school that has won multiple awards for its promotion of authentic Indonesian cuisine.

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