Turning Good Ideas into Great Business and Self Helpes

ISBN 9789814677059

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Francis Tay

The essence of this book is about turning a good business idea into a great business. The former does not always lead to the latter. Turning Good Ideas Into Great Businesses is the amalgamation of more than two decades of the author’s business experiences, gleaned from starting companies as well as working with companies of various sizes, as an investor and mentor. Whether you are thinking about starting a business, taking the first steps, already running your own business, managing a company, or simply interested in investing in a business, this comprehensive guide provides you with a structured way to study a business from a fresh perspective. The SPARK model is presented, simple and cutting through the clutter to present what really matters in today’s businesses. Each letter of SPARK represents an important milestone in the journey that takes a good idea and turns it into a great business.

Francis Tay
Francis has been engaged in business and in-market consulting for more than two decades. His experiences in deal making, angel investing and corporate services have provided the many insights into what it takes for a business to be a winner and the “best-in-class”. Having a background in Economics, Computer Programming and Applications as well as a Master of Science in Management, he has been able to develop market frameworks that help put objectivity into traditional decision-making processes. This book builds on his previous books – “The Latent Factors” and “Turning Good Ideas into Great Businesses” – and provides readers with the means to conduct analytics anytime and anywhere. Francis is currently a lecturer at NTU WKWSCI on Business Intelligence and Information Entrepreneurship in the Master of KM programme.

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