Captain Fingerman and the Boring Galaxy

ISBN 9789814928694

Book E-Book

Matteo and Mauro Moro

The first in a comic book series of Captain Fingerman’s hilarious and exciting adventures in space.



Captain Fingerman was exploring deep space on his ship, the Banana Star, when he encountered a boring asteroid. What in space was a boring asteroid and where did it come from? He suited up, and with the help of BIRI, the ship’s computer, travelled through a wormhole to find out what lay in the Boring Galaxy.

Captain Fingerman travels through space on his banana-shaped spaceship, the Banana Star, accompanied by BIRI, the ship’s computer system who always saves him from trouble and tries to stop him from eating one too many bananas. Full of humour and told through detailed, comic-style illustrations, this series is perfect for fans of graphic novels and also an engaging tool to introduce science to kids in a fun way.

Matteo and Mauro Moro

Matteo and Mauro Moro are a father-son team. They were inspired by the idea of battling boredom, the number one enemy of children!

Mauro Moro is an Italian architect who graduated with a degree in architecture in Venice in 2002 and subsequently earned a Master of Science in Lisbon. Mauro has collaborated with several international studios, working actively as team leader for the production of original and innovative ideas.

Beyond his professional life, Mauro is a talented artist, illustrator, urban sketcher and creative thinker. He uses his drawings as powerful tools to communicate ideas and visions, as well as to convey the stories he creates with his son, Matteo.

Mauro believes design is a way to make our world more beautiful, exciting and balanced. He aims to go beyond the limits, to explore design holistically and, above all to motivate, inspire and lead people!

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