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Marshall Cavendish Classics: Fascist Rock - Stories of Rebellion

ISBN 9789814974493

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Claire Tham



Claire Tham’s rebels tease us with the most provocative questions. Was Hitler the first rock star? Is college spirit a huge con-game? Are teachers fascist? Chris, the angry college punk; Lee, the deejay’s Americanised daughter; James, the pretender; Jeanne, the alienated wife; the Tiananmen refugee – these are some of the rebels who walk through the disturbingly familiar stories in Fascist Rock. Bitterly, yet eloquently, they voice our own hidden rebellion.

About the Marshall Cavendish Classics series

This title is being reissued under the new Marshall Cavendish Classics: Literary Fiction series, which seeks to introduce some of the best works of Singapore literature to a new generation of readers. Some have been evergreen titles over the years, others have been unjustly neglected. 

Authors in the series include: Catherine Lim, Claire Tham, Colin Cheong, Michael Chiang, Minfong Ho, Ovidia Yu and Philip Jeyaretnam.

Claire Tham
Since beginning her writing career at the early age of 17, Claire Tham has gone on to pick up numerous accolades for her literary work, including two Commendation Awards from the National Book Development Council and two Golden Point Awards from the SPH-NAC Short Story Writing Competitions. Lauded for her technical innovation of style and form in prose, her stories play with the presentation of time and space, creating multi-layered possibilities that keep readers entranced.


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