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A Noisy Day for Meow Meow

ISBN 9789814974912

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Felix Cheong Yunita Elvira Aniza Devitha Fauzie

An illustrated book to teach children how to identify different sounds.



Inspired by the author’s cat, A Noisy Day for Meow Meow is about a particularly noisy day in the life of Meow Meow. Through expressive drawings, a funny story told in rhymes that mimic the sounds of everyday objects, it teaches young readers how to identify different sounds around the house.

This is the second in a series of three books by award-winning poet Felix Cheong that teaches children everyday concepts. The first book, A Busy Day for Meow Meow, relates time to everyday activities like play and meals. The third book A Playful Day for Meow Meow, teaches children how to use prepositions to describe movement.

Felix Cheong

Felix Cheong is the author of 17 books across genres, from poetry to fiction, from children’s picture books to non-fiction. His works have been widely anthologised and nominated for the prestigious Frank O’Connor Award and the Singapore Literature Prize. Conferred the Young Artist Award in 2000 by the National Arts Council, he holds a master’s in creative writing and is currently an adjunct lecturer with the National University of Singapore, Murdoch University, University of Newcastle and Curtin University.

Yunita Elvira Aniza
Yunita Elvira Aniza is a Jakarta-based illustrator who specializes in ink and water-colour work. Her focus is botanical subjects and natural landscapes.
Devitha Fauzie

Devitha Fauzie is a designer and illustrator based in Jakarta. She has been interested in art from a young age and went on to study art at a tertiary level where she encountered digital art. Since then, digital painting has been her passion and medium of choice.


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