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Vanishing Point: The Graphic Novel

ISBN 9789815169171

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Felix Cheong

A graphic novel adapted from a collection of short stories centred around the theme of disappearance.

  • Each story is undertaken by a different artist for their own take of the theme  
  • Entertaining, evocative and insightful stories that will resonate with readers


3,000 people go missing every year in Singapore. Ninety per cent of them are eventually found, but this means about 300 people remain missing. Why do they go missing? What do they leave behind?

Using real-life cases of missing people as inspiration, Vanishing Point examines the theme of disappearance. First published in 2012, the 10 short stories by award-winning author Felix Cheong are now adapted into a graphic novel. The10 artists featured include veterans like Cheah Sinann, Arif Rafhan and Paul Eric Roca, as well as up-and-coming illustrators such as Isaac Fook, Yolk Chan and Sarah Haider.

Nominated for the Frank O’Connor Award in 2013, Vanishing Point includes two stories, “True Singapore Ghost Story” and “The Boy with the Missing Thumb”, that were used as GCE ‘O’ level Literature texts.

By turns wry, funny, horrifying and scary, the stories have been critically acclaimed as “a powerful exploration of the individual encountering his own mortality” (Nancy Srebo Park), “unnerving, wonderfully nasty tales” (Gwee Li Sui) and “subversive of the values of the global city” (Boey Kim Cheng).  

Felix Cheong

Felix Cheong is the author of 17 books across genres, from poetry to fiction, from children’s picture books to non-fiction. His works have been widely anthologised and nominated for the prestigious Frank O’Connor Award and the Singapore Literature Prize. Conferred the Young Artist Award in 2000 by the National Arts Council, he holds a master’s in creative writing and is currently an adjunct lecturer with the National University of Singapore, Murdoch University, University of Newcastle and Curtin University.


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