What Ants Do on Stormy Days《暴风雨蚂蚁做什么》

ISBN 9789815084450

Book E-Book

Sun Xueling Josef Lee

Andi and the ants settle down in a beautiful new home, but when a thunderstorm threatens to destroy it, who will come to their rescue?



Andi and the ants sail down the river in boats made out of leaves. They settle down in a beautiful land and make friends with the locals, the keledek (sweet potatoes).

The ants are enthralled when a flight of big white birds stop over and show them the world by flying them across continents and seas. But when a heavy downpour threatens to destroy their home and wash them away, who will come to their rescue?



Sun Xueling

Ms Sun Xueling is currently Singapore’s Minister of State for Home Affairs and Social and Family Development. A mother of two young children, she conceptualised the children’s picture book series, What Ants Do, to explore pressing issues that children face today.

Josef Lee

Josef Lee tells stories through pictures. His collection of comics and picture stories about life, love and stuff can be viewed on Instagram @joseflee.stories.

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