Ben Ben Diaries

ISBN 9789814771665

Book E-Book

Dan Kuah


When it comes to raising children, parents can expect to experience their fair share of headaches, heartaches and worries. In this collection of comic strips, comic artist Dan Kuah and co-author Smith Leong highlight the ups and downs of raising Dan’s young son, Ben Ben, who often manages to outwit his father with his mischievous antics. This light-hearted take on the parenting journey offers hefty doses of hilarious and heartfelt moments that will help parents to navigate the nuances of everyday family life.

Dan Kuah

Dan Kuah is a comic artist based in Singapore. He began pursuing his dream of becoming a comic book artist when he was just 12 years old, selling copies of his first works to his classmates in school. By 21, he had published his first Chinese comic book. Today, Dan is a published author of seven books covering varying topics.

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