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Shirley Taylor

Shirley Taylor has inspired audiences around the world with her heart-warming stories and simple but powerful lessons. Now through the pages of this book, they will inspire readers to stay positive during challenging times and create new opportunities for growth and success. In looking back at the significant turning points in her life, Shirley shares the key lessons that have helped her to grow both professionally and personally. She then ‘connects the dots’ to reveal the common thread that runs through all these turning points. Shirley also includes inspiring insights from global leadership experts who share their own personal turning points and the lessons they have learned. In Connecting the Dots, Shirley provides down-to-earth advice and practical tools that will help people everywhere to navigate change, unlock their true potential, and drive their own success. Praise for the book “Anyone facing challenges will benefit from the inspiration in Connecting the Dots. You’ll get ideas to increase confidence and connect with others more effectively. It’s a great read with lots of inspiring stories from Shirley and other global leaders.” –Mark Sanborn Leadership Strategist and author of You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader “Uplifting. Practical. Enthusiastic. Qualities of Shirley Taylor that exude from her and into this book. Wherever you are in your life and career journey, this book has tools that can shift your experience and lead you in the direction of greater confidence and growth. It’s such an inspiration to read of Shirley’s epic life journey across the world and in multiple industries, in leadership and within organizations. Shirley shares her expertise in such an accessible and engaging way, with fabulously insightful questions and reflections along the way. Connecting the Dots is a professional and personal development book that brings with it reassurance that even when we cannot see the dots, sometimes until years later, they are connecting themselves.” –Karen Jacobsen The GPS Girl, International Speaker and Concert Performer “We all have moments and people in our lives that shape us into the people we are today... dots on the timeline of our lives. Sharing right from the heart, Shirley from Sheffield shares her journey, her dots, and lessons learned. It’s a great read that will inspire and motivate you to be your best self.” –Chester Elton The Apostle of Appreciation, Bestselling author of Leading with Gratitude, The Carrot Principle and All In “Shirley shares right from her heart in Connecting the Dots. In her book, you will find that none of us are self-made; we are all here because of people who touch us and are the essential dots in our lives. If you’re looking for a push, a shove, some inspiration, and motivation, you’re in the right place. This book will open your eyes to realize we can all achieve more than we know. What a great read!” –Andrea Limbach CEO of RC Global Group “If you dream big but are full of self-doubt, this book is in your hands for a reason. Shirley’s story of how she stepped on and up the career ladder is inspirational. Her down-to-earth, practical advice will give you confidence and drive you to take action! A really great read!” –Peter Marshall, Managing Director English Language Teaching Division, Oxford University Press “Shirley’s done it again. I’ve been an avid follower of her email and business writing books and training. Now we get to read the back story. In her training, Shirley shares from the heart, and she does just the same in Connecting the Dots. This is a great read especially for those at any kind of personal or career crossroads. Readers are sure to gain inspiration and advice that could lead to their future success!” –Carmelia Ng Senior Manager, Talent & Organisational Development, Singapore “Connecting the Dots is a delightful book from the ultimate business writing guru, Shirley Taylor. Packed with uplifting stories and powerful lessons from her extraordinary lifelong journey. It includes practical and positive insights from global leaders Shirley has befriended along the way. Buy this book and enjoy every page. Connecting the Dots will move you into action with enthusiasm and great joy!” –Ron Kaufman New York Times bestselling author of Uplifting Service “Shirley’s sparkling personality jumps out from every page as she shares her journey and connects the dots in her life. If you’ve ever had a dream that seems just out of reach, this book will inspire you to reach for the stars and make them come true!” –Su-Yen Wong Global Speaker and Board Director “Shirley from Sheffield has shared from the depths of her soul in Connecting the Dots. If you’re looking for some inspiration and motivation, you’re in the right place. This book will open your eyes to realise we can all achieve more than we know by taking powerful lessons from past and future connections in your life.” –Stephen Choo PhD Managing Director, Digital Survey Research Insight Pty Ltd “When you look at successful people, it sometimes seems easy for them. In Connecting the Dots, Shirley breaks down what it really takes to move forward in your career. Her passion makes every page come alive, and her writing reflects how she does everything – from the heart. A must read for those who want to move forward in their career.” –Robin Speculand Bestselling author and specialist in Strategy Implementation “Shirley, it was such a great opportunity for me to see you present your keynote ‘Connecting the Dots to Grow Yourself and Your Business’ in Singapore. It was a short presentation, but very thought-provoking and inspirational. It's great to read more about your personal turning points in Connecting the Dots to Inspire the Leader in You. Your stories, lessons and ideas in this book will surely help many people to raise their game and elevate their success, even if they doubted themselves or had setbacks in the past. And your great sense of humour shines through in this book, as it did on stage! Such a great read!” –Nishant Kasibhatla Peak Mental Performance Expert and Guinness Record Holder in Memory (2011)

Shirley Taylor
Shirley Taylor discovered the challenges of communicating across cultures when she left her home in Sheffield, England, to teach in Singapore. There she began what became a passion for helping people to communicate more effectively. Since then, Shirley has worked in the Middle East and Canada, and for 18 years she ran her own training company in Singapore. Her speaking and training work has taken her all over the world. Shirley has established herself as a leading authority in email and business writing skills. She is author of 16 successful books, including international bestseller, Model Business Letters, Emails and Other Business Documents (seventh edition). This book has sold over half a million copies and been translated into 17 languages. Shirley is now a trusted member of the global speaking community. She served as 2011–12 President of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore, and as 2017–18 President of the Global Speakers Federation.

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