Negotiating Skills for Virgins

ISBN 9789814794695

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Bob Etherington

The thought of negotiating, striking a bargain, or god forbid, haggling, strikes fear in the hearts of many. This brilliant instructional guide, packed with anecdotes and advice, is written for all those people who are terrible at negotiating. Based on several years of practical and successful negotiating around the world, the approach adopted by the author in this book will help anyone seal deals on favourable terms. Written in Bob Etherington’s distinctive style (a combination of highly practical advice told in an entertaining fashion), Negotiating Skills for Virgins is all you need to ensure you don’t lose out in your next negotiation.

Bob Etherington
For over 40 years, Bob Etherington has built a reputation for sales success in a career that has spanned many key global markets. From Rank Xerox in London, he was headhunted by Grand Metropolitan Hotels and then became a Money Broker in the City. He joined Reuters in the early 1980s and became a main Board Director for the Transaction Services in 1990, moving to New York in 1994 to take control of their major accounts strategy for US banks. In 2000, Bob left Reuters and set about expanding SpokenWord Ltd., a London-based sales training business he had already established with his then business partner and the company’s current owner, Frances Tipper. Bob has conducted seminars and courses in selling, negotiation and presentations to major companies all around the world.

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