Track Faults And Other Glitches : Track Faults And Other Glitches

ISBN 9789814771207

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Nicholas Yong


In "Track Faults and Other Glitches", Nicholas Yong takes us on a journey into an alternate Singapore, where the impossible becomes real. Deep in the heart of the Zombie Civil Service, a secret meeting is held to preempt an impending disaster. Among the HDB flats, a devoted Shiba Inu, one of the smallest dog breeds from Japan, seeks the divine in her quest for answers. And no one knows quite what to do when an MRT train vanishes after entering a tunnel. This collection of 10 short stories transports you from the deeply familiar to the supernatural, exploring things that cannot and should not be.

Nicholas Yong
Track Faults and Other Glitches is Nicholas Yong's second book. He is also the author of Land of the Meat Muchers (2013), a zombie tale set in Singapore. By day Nicholas is a senior correspondent with Yahoo Singapore. By night, he dons his vigilante costume and prowls the alleyways, striking fear into the hearts of criminals.