Captain Green and the Tree Machine

ISBN 9789814893206

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Evelyn Bookless Danny Deeptown

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Captain Green is back and this time he’s creating a gadget to help save the planet. As he fine-tunes his invention, disaster strikes. Hornbill’s tree has been chopped down and there’s tree trouble for Elephant and Orangutan too. Captain Green scrambles to finish his invention — a TREE MACHINE — and zooms to the rescue! ZAP! ZOOP! ZINK! Trees pop up everywhere until… BANG! Oh no!

How will Captain Green save the animals now?

Evelyn Bookless
Evelyn Bookless grew up on a farm in the west of Ireland. She is a nature lover, mum, teacher and writer. Her first-time diving was at The Great Barrier Reef. It blew her mind (but thankfully she made a full recovery!) She learned to dive properly in the Atlantic Ocean one winter. She saw an octopus and was very happy even though it was very cold. Evelyn has lived in Hong Kong and Singapore for the past 10 years and loves Asia. Her favourite place to be is in the ocean, preferably somewhere warm, as she’s not as tough as she used to be. She dreams about clean oceans and contented sea creatures.
Danny Deeptown
Being obsessed with wildlife from a young age, Danny found his love of drawing through hours of copying scientific illustrations from books of animals and dinosaurs. His artistic talent later led him to study Illustration in South Wales, UK. It was here he found a love for classic book illustration and the use of pen and ink. Today, Danny creates art for children and adults alike. He has illustrated numerous books that mostly involve characterised animals. When not in his studio, Danny likes to spend his time adventuring and seeking out new places in nature that are relatively remote. He is happiest in a secret place surrounded by trees with passing water.


<p><a href="" data-sf-ec-immutable="">Reviewed by&nbsp;Kristine Zimmerman&nbsp;for Readers' Favorite</a><br /></p><p itemprop="description">Rated 5 Stars</p><p itemprop="description">Captain Green returns in a new planet-saving adventure! Captain Green and the Tree Machine by Evelyn Bookless is about a young superhero who is passionate about protecting the planet. He is working on an invention to do just that when he is alerted to trouble. Trees are being chopped down and affecting several different animals. He finds a new nest for Hornbill, food for Elephant, and new trees to swing in for Orangutan. He returns to his invention, determined to fix the forest, and he is successful for a while. Then he realizes the job might be too big for just one superhero and he comes up with an even better plan.<br /><br />I loved Captain Green and the Tree Machine by Evelyn Bookless! Every year teachers and parents come to the library looking for books to share with kids about the environment, especially on Earth Day. Captain Green will be at the top of my list of recommendations. The illustrations by Danny Deeptown are expressive and engaging. This is the perfect introduction to the serious problem of deforestation but presented in a very accessible way, even for the youngest listeners. It is rare to find an environmental story that is so engaging yet so clear on what is happening in our world. This hits the mark with both the story and the message. Bookless has also included more in-depth information at the end as well as practical and unique ways that kids can help protect the planet. I am looking forward to more adventures from Captain Green.</p>


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