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Furry Tales by Leia: The princess and the pawper : Furry Tales by Leia: The princess and the pawper

ISBN 9789814893695

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Daniel Boey



When Luke was rescued, he was very skinny and malnourished, with flaky skin, patchy fur and the saddest eyes, red from crying himself to sleep every night. And he was smelly from not having showered for a very long time.

Everywhere he went, people would make unkind, snide remarks about him.

Till he was rescued by the princess, Leia.

This is the incredible story of how a sickly, scruffy pawper, saved from a miserable caged life, found the strength and courage to bounce back through selfless love, kindness and compassion to become the toast of the town.

A book in the Furry Tales by Leia series.

Daniel Boey
Daniel Boey is a creative director, fashion show producer, television personality and author who is affectionately known as the Godfather of Singapore Fashion. Daniel is also fiercely passionate about rescue dogs and #AdoptNotShop. He has appeared on three seasons of Asia’s Next Top Model and written three books, including “We Adopted: A Collection of Dog Rescue Tales”. He is proudest of being papa to Leia and godfather to a host of rescue dogs.


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