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Milkier Pigs & Violet Gold : Milkier Pigs & Violet Gold

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Bryan Koh


Recipes tell stories. They make excellent carriages for folklore and history and as they make their way from cook to cook, from generation to generation, they evolve to suit new tastes and times. To explore the stories behind recipes is to attempt to understand their provenances. Bryan Koh set out to do just that, and to more fully understand the culinary culinary tapestry of one of the most underrated and least explore cuisines of Southeast Asia. Originally published in 2014 as Milk Pigs & Violet Gold, this revised and expanded edition is equally lavish with photographs and more recipes from the different regions of the Philippines, including Batanes, Cavite, pagudpud, South Cotabato, Samar and the predominantly Muslim Zamboanga. Milkier Pigs & Violet Gold was nominated under the Best Travel Book Category at the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2017.

Bryan Koh

Bryan Koh is an award-winning author of five cookbooks. His breakthrough, Milk Pigs & Violet Gold (2014), won the Best Food Book Award at the Philippine National Book Awards. Its second edition Milkier Pigs & Violet Gold was released in 2020.

His second book, Mornings are for Mohinga, Burmese Food Stories (2015), won third place in the Best Asian Cookbook category at the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2016. His third book, Bekwoh (2018) focused on the food of East Coast Peninsular Malaysia, his fourth Tamu, on the food of Borneo. 

Bryan majored in Mathematics at the National University of Singapore and has a Masters in Management Hospitality from Cornell University. He lives in Singapore and is co-owner of cake company Chalk Farm.


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